LinkedIn status updates integration with Twitter

This week announced that you can now integrate LinkedIn staus updates and your Tweets without having to use a third party service.

Historically I posted all my Tweets on my LinkedIn profile by adding my Twitter profile to the website links area and using the Six Apart application on LinkedIn – this pulled my Tweets and blog posts into my profile on LinkedIn. However there were sometimes Tweets that were not so relevant to my community on LinkedIn.

You will notice under the status update area on your home page that there is a Twitter icon – just click on that and it will ask you to confirm that you want to connect your Twitter account with your LinkedIn account status updates.

On LinkedIn, adding your twitter account will mean that under the area where your website is listed it will reference your Twitter account.

Then when you post to Twitter if you decide that you want to share a Tweet on LinkedIn, you can decide if you want to share all your Tweets to LinkedIn or selective tweets to update your LinkedIn status. If you pick the latter, you need to add the #li or #in hashtag to every relevant tweet you’d like to send back to LinkedIn.

Have you started posting your Tweets to LinkedIn yet?

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