Chris Howard Wealth Propulsion event – Dublin 28-30 May 2010, Crown Plaza Dublin Northwood

Wealth Propulsion Weekend

I was not planning to attend the forthcoming Chris Howard event taking place in Dublin, exspecially as I am booked to attend BizCamp Dublin on Saturday.

But I changed my mind when I saw a reminder email for the event today.

I attended one of his events a few years ago – in fact his first ever Irish event. Chris practices NLP and will be talking about how we often hold ourselves back due to our mindset.

Be aware also that you can attend his event at no cost – but during the course of the weekend – or any of his events – he will offer you the opportunity to invest in his programmes – so leave your credit card at home if you don’t want to be tempted. That’s not to say his programmes are not worth investing in – it’s just a tip in case you are someone who suffers from buyers remorse!

So if you want to attend here is the link to book your place – let me know if you plan to be there too.

Yes this is a my referral link so if you pay nothing to attend and you spend nothing when there I won’t receive any financial reward.

I hope Chris gives us some tips to help us get out of the way of our own success. Though I must admit I will need some convincing as I am not someone who believes or has seen anyone else enjoy overnight success – especially without having to work for it!

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