Tricia Murphy Dublin’s Networking Queen passes away – but her legacy lives on

I was so sorry to hear of the recent death of Tricia Murphy a well known and loved trainer in the field of networking and a former President of Network Dublin.

I first met Tricia around 5 years ago and her warm smile and positive attitude lit up any room she was in. She also did a huge amount to encourage people to network in the ‘real world’ as part of their business development long before ‘networking’ became ‘fashionable’.

Through her small business TIG Alliance she also hosted a very popular programme called the Simply Networking Salon – an eclectic evening where you didn’t know who you might meet! And Tricia generously funded these herself.

And when asked what TIG stood for she simply answered “Well it’s Tricia Is Great” – not in an arrogant way but with the confidence that seems to elude many small business owners.

Over the last 2 years  she suffered with cancer – but even then she turned her bad news into something to help others – she shaved her head of her beloved hair and raised over €12,000 for charity.

Her work inspired others, and I wonder how many new business contacts were initially made possible by her teaching or active facilitation.

She has certainly left her footprint on the world.

Did you have the opportunity to meet Tricia? What impact did her work or knowing her have on you?


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  1. Anonymous says

    I hadn’t heard about Tricia’s passing. I was shocked and deeply saddened to hear of it..a bright light gone out in this world.

  2. Anonymous says

    I had not heard of Tricia’s passing and I was really sad to hear she is gone from us. She may be gone from this life but she certainly made it much brighter for us while she was with us and she will never be forgotten.

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