How are small businesses in the US using LinkedIn?

Here is an interesting infographic based on research of just over 300 people in the US using LinkedIn conducted by Wayne Breitbarth.

In summary:

– 90.9% of those surveyed use the free version of LinkedIn

– 51.6% of respondents had 200 or less contacts

– 5.1% of participants had over 1000 conntection on LinkedIn

– 54.7% of respondents were members of 10 or more groups

– and 10.5% of people were spending more than 8 hours a week on LinkedIn.

When asked how LinkedIn had helped, respondents to the survey said:

– 76.9% found it helpful for research about companies and people

– 68.6% commented that it was helpful to reconect with people

– 49.7% stated that it helped them buld new relationships with people who may influence new customers

– 44.5% said it helped them be more effective in face to face networking

– and 38.3% said LinkedIn helped them uncover potential opportunities.

One of the first things you must do when establishing your network on LinkedIn is to ensure that your profile is complete. LinkedIn recently changed it’s approach to how they calculate 100% completeness. If you LinkedIn profile is not yet 100% complete read this recent article about the eight simple steps you need to take to increase your visibility on LinkedIn.

If you are looking for training on how to use LinkedIn in your small business I am facilitating two workshops in Dublin this Spring hosted by Dublin City Enterprise Board and I can promise you they are content rich LinkedIn training programmes:

3 April 2012Getting Started With LinkedIn hosted by Dublin City Enterprise Board

29 May 2012 – LinkedIn for Leads and Profits, hosted by Dublin City Enterprise Board







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