The Facebook Official Guide To Measuring Success On Facebook


If you are managing a Facebook Page to promote your business or organisation then one question you may be asking is how to measure your Facebook marketing success.

Facebook themselves comment that they believe the following measures are the most relevant:

Reach: Did you reach the right people, how many of them did you reach, and what was the frequency?

Brand resonance: Did reaching these people change perception in the way you wanted and did the message stick?

Reaction: Did people actually go into stores or onto your site and purchase?

Consumer insights: What have you learned about people, product and brand that can improve the business?

These are certainly helpful to review – but remember to link these back to your overall marketing communications goals for your organisation to develop your key performance inducators to measure your Facebook marketing success especially when it relates to integration of your marketing communications.

Facebook have produced a guide (pdf) to help you measure your Facebook marketing – you can also see it below – I posted it to SlideShare for ease of access of my  digital marketing students.

What other things do you measure when it comes to marketing on Facebook?

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