30 resources to help you improve your visual content marketing and social media success

30 resources to help you improve your visual content marketing and social media success

30 resources for visual content marketing success from @KrishnaDe

If you are looking to promote your business using social media and digtial communications, there is no question that in the last number of years, visual content has become even more important.

If you have come to this page having attended the recent event I spoke at as part of Limerick Business Week on the topic of visual content in social media marketing, below you will find links to additional articles that you will find of assistance when developing your social media plan.

Getting Started With Social Media And Visual Content

5 steps to get started with social media in B2B – this article and checklist is especially helpful for newcomers to social media marketing

How Twitter drives growth – research relating to small and medium businesses

How to use Buffer – this is a useful tool to help you schedule your visual content marketing posts to your social networks

How to integrate social media and visual content into your ezine – this is an excellent case study

How to use an infographic to build your email list – an example of what you could implement

Sizes of visual content – for your social media channels

An inexpensive tool for creating infographics – for your visual content marketing

Free fonts for your Halloween marketing – a uiseful resource for visual content marketing

How to use Diptic to create instructographics – for visual content marketing using your smartphone

Optimising Your Social Media Marketing

Using Instagram competitions in your business – few Irish businesses have done this – this is an example from Bord Gais Energy

Facebook Page updated guidelines – this article helps you understand the recent changes to Facebook promotion guidelines

How to embed a Facebook post – embedding content on your website or blog

Facebook marketing best practice for Timeline competitions – adapting to the new changes for Facebook promotions

How to embed Instagram images and videos – now you can embed your own and other peoples content into your website to enhance your visual storytelling

Six steps to using LinkedIn – practical tips for using LinkledIn to develop productive and profitable relationships

How to optimise your LinkedIn Company page – to attract more followers

Pinterest announces promoted content – if you are already using Pinterest this is what promoted content may look like

How to host Pinterest competitions – this is a case study from Nissan who recently hosted a competition across multiple European markets

Update on the Pinterest bookmarket – using this tool can help you audit your visual content on your website

How Pinterest inspired a new Irish food magazine – and a new stream of revenue

How JCrew used Pinterest – to live pin the reun-up to New York fashion week

A guide to analytics to track when using Pinterest – a useful resource for businesses

Resources to help you use Pinterest – these resources will help you get started using this high impacy visual content marketing channel

How Burberry used visual content to promote their new collection – this is a great example of where all the content was created with the iPhone 5S

Social Business Guidance

Guidance on how to develop a social media policy – to help you manage your own and your teams reputation this will help you get started in developing your social media policy

Preventing a social media crisis – this article outlines why you need more than governance and policies to manage your reputation online

Social customer support and service research in the US, UK and Ireland

Social media for customer service and support – examples of businesses

How to manage your own digital footprint – essential tips for managing your personal reputation online

Additional Visual Content Marketing Resources

Follow my boards on Pinterest to see the curated content I am sharing – including boards about visual content marketing on Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Vine and examples of other Irish businesses using these platforms.



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