8 Reasons You Should Never Quit Your Blog for Google Plus

8 Reasons You Should Never Quit Your Blog for Google Plus

Eight reasons you should never quit your blog for Google Plus

This is an excellent article on +Copyblogger by +Demian Farnworth

I could not agree more with Demien. Use your social media platforms to extend the reach of your content but never rely on it as your only ways of promoting your business.

There are many areas to consider in the article but I really want to focus on two things:

1. It is important to invest in digital real estate that you own

Those of use that have been around social media for some time will have probably suffered a little when sites close. I know I suffered this year with the closing of Posterous for my personal blog when Twitter decided to close it.

In fact for a period of a number of weeks I used Google Plus as my primary platform until my personal blog was back online and functional – but I made sure that I had a way of backing up my content.

2. Make it easy for people to find your content

Many social media platforms do not have a great way of archiving content for you to go back to or importantly direct clients and prospects to. That is one of the reasons I like Pinterest so much as it makes it easy to find content through boards.

On your website or blog there are a lot of ways you can enable navigation to key content.

I really like Google Plus for all the features it provides and importantly the new networks of contacts and great content, but I won’t be making it my primary platform at this time.

What about you?

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