PicMonkey For Visual Marketing And How To Access Six Months Free Access To PicMonkey Royale

PicMonkey For Visual Marketing And How To Access Six Months Free Access To PicMonkey Royale

PicMonkey Pro - six months free access to PicMonkey Royale an essential tool for visual content marketingIf you are creating content for your website, blog or social media updates, there is no question that great visual content will help you attract more interest in your content.

But what happens if you have no technical design skills, have no one in your team to support you and can not afford to invest in outsourcing development of your visual content?

That is where PicMonkey becomes an essential tool in your content marketing tip. I have been using PicMonkey to create my Google plus updates, my Facebook cover image, my blog post images and content for Pinterest.

This month they have also been making available more fonts, textures and overlays.

I have also found the PicMonkey support team really responsive and helpful which must be a challenge given the number of enquiries they must get – I reported back in April that they were in the top five rising search trends across Europe which must be because more people were hearing of them.

PicMonkey enables you to edit photographs and create images and if you invest in the pro service PicMonkey Royale which is just US$4.99 a month then you have access to more fonts, textures and overlays.

But what if you could avail of six months free access to PicMonkey Royale? Yes that is an offer I came across today thanks to a Pinterest pal Melinda Means.

The details of the offer are posted by Clip and Follow who comment that PicMonkey is offering 6 months of Royale Membership for FREE (reg. US $29.94) when you enter promotional code ISTE2013 and no credit card is required – see the link to the offer here.

I checked out the offer and even though I have a PicMonkey Royale subscription it extended my paid membership for six months.

If you miss out on the offer, I do recommend checking out PicMonkey and also see this article where they have curated some helpful tutorials on how to use PicMonkey.

I didn’t think I could love PicMonkey any more than I did yesterday – but I do – thank you PicMonkey for this generous and terrific free offer!

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