How do you communicate your differentiation?

How do you communicate to prospective clients how you differ from your competitors? You can listen to my thoughts that I recorded on SoundCloud today. How do you differentiate yourself from your competitors by KrishnaDe This clearly is a fine line that we must tread. Some organisations build their reputation on being confrontational. This … [Read more...]

Children’s Commercial Communications Code Public Consultation by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland

As a parent and someone who is a marketer, here is an important public consultation that I will be paying attention to. This week the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) launched a public consultation on how food and drink should be commercially promoted to children in the broadcast media.The public consultation is part of a review by the BAI on the … [Read more...]

Facebook Sponsored Stories – two reasons to consider using them

Have you tested Facebook sponsored stories yet?   Why should you consider Facebook Sponsored Stories versus Facebook Ads? In a recent article it was reported that Facebook’s social contextual ad formats got a 46% higher click-through than standard display ads when it reviewed Facebook Sponsored Stories ads, showing a user when a … [Read more...]

How to use YouTube Promoted Videos for lead generation and sales to find out more about YouTube promoted videos where you can use one of your own videos for promotion so that your video promotion will appear next to relevant search results. You will only pay when people click to watch your video Register for YouTube promoted videos at Find out more about how you can … [Read more...]