How to create a Facebook Timeline Promotion Using Heyo

How to create a Facebook Timeline Promotion Using Heyo

Facebook timeline promotion creator from Heyo - Facebook marketing tips from @KrishnaDe

I recently wrote about the changes to Facebook promotion guidelines and provided a great example of how you could implement the changes and ensure that you remain compliant with Facebook guidelines but still grow your email database.

A number of Facebook promotion tools have been launched in recent weeks to help you manage Facebook timeline posts and one that has just been released is from Heyo.

What I liked about this free app is that they give you prompts to help you create your Facebook timeline contest, for example asking you if it is a giveaway, photo contest or a coupon and they also provide you with options of copy for you to amend.

Remember to add a link to your terms for the contest or promotion in your description to manage expectations of participants and to comply with terms in your country or for your industry that apply.

I tested the tool and unfortunately I could not get it to work in Firefox on the first few attempts, though I did manage to get it to work in Chrome. You will need to authorise the app to post to your Facebook Page.

You will be invited to create a Heyo account leaving your details so you will be able to hear about the ability to sort and rank entries and pick a random winner with a future release of the app – it is not clear if this will a free or a paid solution.

There is also an option to by-pass that – in Chrome I had to scroll down to the bottom of the email capture form to see that option.

Once you post the promotion or competition to Facebook you will then have the option to post to one of your Facebook Pages. The promotion posts as a photograph post so make sure that you use a photograph of 403 pixels by 403 pixels as noted on the Heyo tool to optimise your image.

You can check out the Heyo tool here.

I do think you will need a tool to help you manage the entries which is why I liked the Shortstack solution I wrote about in an earlier article.

So you could use the Heyo solution to help you craft your promotion and then look for a tool to help you manage the selection process for the winning entry.

Some free solutions available to help you select a winner of your Facebook Timeline promotion are Contest Capture, Woobox, and Fanpage Karma,

Tabsite have also announced they plan to launch a tool.

Have you tried hosting a Facebook Timeline content yet? What if any tools have you used to support you?

If you missed the previous Facebook marketing promotion guidelines articles you will find them on Pinterest here and here just re-pin these links if you want to curate them to your Pinterest boards to review later.

Sage One Ireland Giving Back To Business Event 17 July 2013

Sage One Ireland Giving Back To Business Event 17 July 2013

Sage One Ireland Giving Back To Business Event 17 July 2013 by Krishna De

This week I received a little package with two delicious cup cakes thanks to Sage One in Ireland along with an invitation to attend their forthcoming breakfast meeting taking place on 17 July 2013 at the Shelbourne Hotel in Dublin.

Sage One is celebrating their second birthday in Ireland by hosting this event which will have speakers from Google and Facebook sharing tips and insights on how to market your business online, and you will have the opportunity to have a professional head shot taken – which of course you could use on your website or personal social networks.

Unfortunately I am not able to attend, but there are still a few places left. Head over to the Sage One Giving Back To Business Event registration page to book your place for this free event.

Disclosure: I support Sage Ireland in a non paid role as one of their business experts and am invited from time to time to provide articles and input to some of their content marketing and social media ebooks.

What does 1 million shares on Facebook look like?

What does 1 million shares on Facebook look like?

One million shares on Facebook visualised

What does 1 million shares on Facebook look like is the question addressed in some recent research (PDF download and you have to be logged into Facebook to access it).

The research showed that for the article that was reviewed, there are hundreds of nodes of shares – I love the visualisation image don’t you?

In the research for the article reviewed it appears out only 5% of photos on the social network get reshared with an average of about 15 reshares.

Read the original article about the research on Mashable here.