Achieving success with your Facebook marketing infographic

Achieving success with Facebook - Facebook marketing tips for Pages

If you are looking to improve your Facebook marketing, you will find this infographic from Vocus of assistance – it is a helpful checklist for your Facebook content marketing plan.

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Six tips for launching your new product and an example of a landing page to build your email list

How to use a landing page to grow your email list by Krishna De

Here is an example of infographic where a marketer used a landing page to give access to an infographic to build his list.

The Product Launch Sequence InfographicHere is an example of the landing page.

Using a landing page to enable for building your list

The one thing to be aware of is that that you may frustrate people who can then easily find the same content on your blog – they may feel they were ‘tricked’ into giving an email address to get access to information that is freelty available on your website or blog.

This is also an interesting use of an infographic for affiliate marketing. The marketer created an infographic with tips related to the subject of a product he is an affiliate for so that in his blog post which had the details of the infographic he includes his affiliate link. If you use this approach ensure that you reference that you are promoting an affiliate product to ensure that you are compliant with FTC guidelines especially if you are in the US.

He also places the URL of the landing page on the infographic so that if people post the infographic they will help him build his email list.

Have you considered using an optin box to give access to an infographic?

Find another example of using an infographic to build your email list as part of your visual content makreting plan here.

US Ice Cream Brands On Social Media

US Ice Cream Brands On Social Media July 2013 Infographic

If you like ice cream and are based in the US you might like this infographic from Track Maven published in July 2013.


Social influence


Pinterest drives online sales


This infographic is based on research conducted by Shopify who analysed 25,000 Shopify online stores.The research found that:

  • Referral traffic from Pinterest to Shopify stores is equal to traffic coming from Twitter.
  • Shoppers are 10% more likely to make a purchase compared to those who arrive from other social sites.
  • Of those purchases, the average order is US$80 which is double the average order from Facebook.

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Social shopping infographic


Source:Steelhouse survey of 309 respondents

Social log in trends for 2012


Source: Janrain

The most common LinkedIn passwords

In case you missed the news this week of the LinkedIn passwords that were compromised correspond I hope you take the time to review your passwords for your social media channels.

6.5 million passwords stolen and posted on the web by a hacker following which, a cyber security company, analyzed those 165,000 passwords and have produced this infographic of the 30 most commonly used passwords.



Tracking your statistics and scheduling content on Pinterest

Are you looking for a way to track your statistics of your posts on Pinterest and even schedule your content? Then a resource to check out is the startup Pinerly which is open for registration on a beta basis so you will have to wait for access.

As I wrote about yesterday, as with any other social network you need to work out what works for your your audience and your products so analysing your own data will help you increase engagement and support your content marketing on Pinterest.

I don’t have access yet to the platform but when I do I’ll create a video taking you behind the scenes.

Pinerly have in the meantime released and infographic about the statistics they have found about the best time to post and what kind of content receives the most engagement.


So remember to register for your early access to Pinerly if you want to ensure you get an imporvice return on investment in your Pinterest marketing.

Pinterest for Business Resources

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Data on how to get more repins on Pinterest

If you are using Pinterest here is some research for you to review and evaluate against what you are experiencing for your content plan.

Dan Zarrella has examined some 11,000 posts on Pinterest and identified some key insights:

- the description of your Pin matters and that if your description is about 20 characters it will be more likely to be re-pinned

- people love posting content that is related to food with the most re-pins happening where the following words were included: ‘chicken’, ‘minutes’, ‘bake’ and ‘cake’

- you are more likely to get repinned if the Pin is ‘liked’ by your community versus has a lot of comments

- tall images are likely to have more pins.

As ever you have to review this against your experience. I know was surprised by a recent post I shared which was just a simple text quote rahter than an engaging image received more likes and shares than most of my Pins and the time of my posting has made a difference to the amount of engagement. That’s not unexpected if you consider what we know about engagement on Facebook.

What have you found works for you in relation to encouraging more re-pins of your content on Pinterest?


Pinterest for Business Resources

You will find tips on my Pinterest account about how to use Pinterest for business

Don’t forget to register for our forthcoming webinar series to help you with your social media marketing – including a webinar all about Pinterest for business