iPhone App training course from Big Wave Media, 1 June 2011, Dublin

Looking to develop an iPhone app for your business? Then check out the forthcoming training course from Big Wave Media. On the 1 June they have a one day course for marketing professionals, web masters - in fact anyone interested in an overview of iPhone Apps and the related technology as opposed to the in depth coding experience.If you are looking to … [Read more...]

RTÉ News Now iPhone App achieves 200,000 downloads

via rte.ie I just received a press release announcing that the RTÉ iNews Now app has achieved 200,000 individual downloads of its award-winning RTÉ News Now App since being launched in January 2010. The app brings news, business, sport and entertainment stories from RTÉ.ie to your mobile including the iPhone or iTouch with 7% of the … [Read more...]

Educational social games on iPhone, the web and the iPhone

via insidesocialgames.com Have you children who love joining social networks and playing games online? I know my children often ask to join a new social netowrk that they have seen advertised on TV. And very often they ask to use my iPhone to play games when we are in the car. Parents and educators alike often look for warys to make learning fun. This … [Read more...]

iPhone Skype app review: connecting 5 people across two countries and avoiding hotel phone costs

Listen! Today I was hosting a meeting and unfortunately duue to the weather one of the attendees could not join us as their flight was cancelled from the UK. So we decided at the last minute to connect through a conference call. We were in a hotel and the call was going to be for over 2 hours - so what other options did I have for making the call? - I … [Read more...]

iPhone applications: testing out Ipadio.com

Today I am testing out IPadio.com - an application that you can use to set up your own podcasts - both online and using your iPhone. I discuss in this short audio recorded on my iPhone some of the great features of Ipadio.com. One feature however that did not work for me was the automatic cross posting to my account here on Posterous - so instead I took the … [Read more...]

iPhone applications: tips for using Audioboo.fm and more recommended apps, this time from Dave Murphy

Listen! Today I am in conversation with Dave Murphy of A2A Taxis about his tips for using your iPhone and favourite iPhone apps. This time I recorded the audio with the iPhone Voice Memo recorder as I was in a bad wi-fi zone and had another podcast with Audioboo.fm about to be published. I then accessed the audio from my ITunes library when back in the … [Read more...]