LinkedIn Launches A New Navigation Bar

LinkedIn Launches A New Navigation Bar

LinkedIn have just announced that the new navigation bar that has been available to some people in the US for a couple of months is now rolling out the new design to English speaking accounts over the next month. In essence they have simplified the navigation bar and centred the 'search bar'. Watch a video of the changes here: New LinkedIn Navigation … [Read more...]

The most common LinkedIn passwords

In case you missed the news this week of the LinkedIn passwords that were compromised correspond I hope you take the time to review your passwords for your social media channels. 6.5 million passwords stolen and posted on the web by a hacker following which, a cyber security company, analyzed those 165,000 passwords and have produced this … [Read more...]

How are small businesses in the US using LinkedIn?

Here is an interesting infographic based on research of just over 300 people in the US using LinkedIn conducted by Wayne Breitbarth. In summary: - 90.9% of those surveyed use the free version of LinkedIn - 51.6% of respondents had 200 or less contacts - 5.1% of participants had over 1000 conntection on LinkedIn - 54.7% of respondents were members of 10 … [Read more...]

Boost your LinkedIn networking effectiveness with the LinkedIn Bootcamp

For fun here is an infographic about LinkedIn - I don't personally agree with the comment about connecting to everyone. LinkedIn and social networking generally in my opinion, is not a 'numbers game' in terms of the size of your network. I personally subscribe to the view that you should nurture your network and that you define who you want to connect with … [Read more...]

LinkedIn research – for B2B companies LinkedIn delivers twice as many leads than Twitter

Have you analysed your most effective source for inbound leads to your business from social networks? Recent research by Pardot a marketing automation company found that for B2B companies then LinkedIn was the social networking platform that delivered the greatest results. Lead generation was ranked as follows: LinkedIn 32 percent Bblogging 27 … [Read more...]