Dunbars Number

How many friends can we really have? Far fewer than the number of friends many of us have on social networks if we agree with Dunbars Number.


The Top 10 Countries With The Highest Number Of Twitter Users

The Top 10 Countries With The Highest Number Of Twitter Users


Which are the countries in the world that use Twitter the most?

Beevolve have recently analysed 36 million Twitter profiles and have the answer for us.

You might be suprised to find that Ireland is in that top ranking.

I reached out to Beevolve for some further data on the Irish data and they advised me that the Irish Twitter population is slightly female biased with 48.8% of the profiles surveyed being from males and 51.1% being female as at the time of the survey October 2012. I would suggest that there ay be some discrepancies in that as not everyone adds a profile picture of themselves and unlike Facebook you do not need to state your gender on your profile. But it is a useful indication.

Their analysis is interesting and is worth reviewing – they comment that on average, a million active users have tweeted at least a billion times over the last 3 years and 25% of Twitter users have never tweeted.



Pinterest drives online sales


This infographic is based on research conducted by Shopify who analysed 25,000 Shopify online stores.The research found that:

  • Referral traffic from Pinterest to Shopify stores is equal to traffic coming from Twitter.
  • Shoppers are 10% more likely to make a purchase compared to those who arrive from other social sites.
  • Of those purchases, the average order is US$80 which is double the average order from Facebook.

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